Ouija Board and Candles for Spirit Communication

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Kerrie Erwin, author of the new Spirit Rescue.

Part of my life’s work as a spiritual medium is releasing earthbound spirits from entrapment from the earth’s plane. This is called Spirit Rescue. Not all mediums have this ability to do this work, as they do not have the spirit team. For those not able to do this rescue work, I always advise that they speak to somebody at a Spiritualist church or New Age shop, as they often have a list of mediums who can do this work. Since I can hear the spirit talking and see them in my mind’s eye, it is easy work for me.

Often I will do this work successfully over the phone, with remote viewing (if the client lives interstate or overseas). If I have the time and proximity, I will go to the home, building, or land area with another energy worker or dowser and meet the client. Once I have located the lost spirit or spirits, I will bring down a porthole of light, command the spirit to look into it, and tell it to go. As soon as this is done, the spirit will usually leave automatically; if there is resistance, it will be pulled by my spirit team and angelic helpers back into the correct dimension where it belongs. As one can imagine, this work can sometimes be very tiring, as it takes a lot of energy.

There are many types of lost souls, but the main category that can cause problems is what is called an earthbound spirit.

Earthbound Spirits
These are spirits that, in most cases, do not understand that they are actually dead; because of this they have not or will not successfully pass over. In some cases there may be apparent reasons for this, but sometimes these reasons are not understood.

Some reasons spirits may be earthbound:

  • An accidental or sudden death
  • A suicide (though it must be noted that not all suicides refuse to cross)
  • Fear; they do not want to cross over because of some illogical reason
  • Religious beliefs (e.g., perhaps they have done something bad and think they are going to hell or that God will punish them)
  • An obsessive love or greed for the material world and earthly possessions, including certain people
  • They simply do not understand that they have actually died, and are trying to continue living as if they would if they were still on the earthly plane

Earthbound spirits are literally everywhere, and can be seen or felt by sensitive souls and mediums that have abilities. They generally are known to be found in homes and offices, and also around large groups of people, as they need our energy, or prana, to stay here. Examples of these locations include hospitals, railway stations, shopping malls, busy airports, schools or universities, homes where they once lived, and old theaters, to name a few. They are rarely found in abandoned graveyards or empty homes where nobody lives, except where there may have been a murder (as it is their last memory).

Our thanks to Kerrie for her guest post! For more from Kerrie Erwin, read her article “Why Some Souls Remain Earthbound—And How to Identify Their Presence.”

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