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Understanding Your Moon Sign & Emotional Fulfillment

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Most people know what their sun sign is; it's based on the day and month we are born. The sun represents our main personality, identity, and the part of our personality we show to the world. In my opinion, the moon sign plays a more important role in our personality. Emotions are powerful, and the moon in our birth chart shows our inner nature. We often hide our moon sign traits or only express them when we really get to know someone. The moon sign reveals our inner emotions, reactions, and shows where we find emotional fulfillment.

The moon effects the tides of the ocean, so of course it influences our emotions. There is scientific research that during a full moon more people report to the emergency room, more accidents occur, and more domestic disturbances are reported. Our emotional nature is heightened during a full moon. Many people suffer from insomnia, anxiety, and mood fluctuations during the full moon. The moon cycles are important to pay attention to so you can understand your emotions and inner feelings. As the famous psychic and healer Edgar Cayce said, "These influences of the planets are felt by us in the form of inclinations, tendencies, and urges." Astrology is energy and that energy impacts our body, mind, and spirit.

The moon travels through each zodiac sign every two to three days. It's important to understand our moon sign and know the moon signs of those closest to us; our emotional nature and how we express feelings will be impacted by the sign the moon is in when we are born. It's important to calculate your birth chart so you can know exactly what sign and house the moon is located. To do so, you will need your month, date, and year of birth, your exact time of birth, and your place of birth to calculate an accurate birth chart. (There are many websites that offer free calculations and birth charts, or your can contact an astrologer for a full consultation.)

When we learn more about our moon sign personality traits, we can use them to connect to what brings us emotional fulfillment. Finding happiness and inner satisfaction is something we can achieve when we tap into the positive traits of our moon sign placement. Each moon sign has strengths and gifts that can be used to heal, transform, and help us become more resilient. The moon sign specifically is connected to what we value, where we find comfort, and where we find security.

My book Moon Signs, Houses & Healing: Gain Emotional Fulfillment and Resilience Through Astrology is a collection of my own personal experiences with each of the twelve moon signs. My goal was to write a practical, simple, and easy to understand book that anyone can read and learn more about their emotional nature, strengths, and ways they can become emotionally resilient. Each of the twelve moon signs find emotional fulfillment and comfort in different ways.

Fire Sign Moons
The fire sign moons, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are passionate, independent, and value their freedom. Emotionally, they want to express themselves and act on what they feel. These moons signs like adventure, challenge, movement, and excitement. They need social interactions, relationships that challenge them, autonomy, and romance. Fire sign moons express their emotions freely and passionately.

Aries moon people are impulsive, passionate, and competitive. Motivated, courageous, and brave, they like a challenge. Emotionally they can overwhelm others because they are brutally honest about how they feel. Their inner temper comes out when they feel frustrated or stressed. They get over things quickly, though, and forgive and forget easily. Fiercely self-reliant, Aries moons feel emotional fulfillment through experiencing romantic love, challenges, competition, and adventure. Emotionally, they need newness, variety, and change. Making their own decisions and experiencing passion fulfills them.

Leo moons are fun-loving, affectionate, and generous. Feeling respected, admired, and appreciated bring emotional fulfillment. They want other people to like them. Emotionally, they are expressive and enjoy physical affection. They want to be the center of attention and feel loved. Leo moons need to feel heard, cherished, and believe that they are a priority in other people's lives. Childlike, they find emotional fulfillment when they can express themselves, show their talents, and have fun. Charming, confident, and attractive, they find emotional fulfillment through loyal friends and partners. Leo moons need other people and dislike being alone. Sharing ideas with others, pursuing hobbies, being creative, and social networking is emotionally fulfilling.

Sagittarius moons are positive, energetic, and adventurous. Independence and freedom bring emotional fulfillment. Emotionally restless, they need movement and to spend time outdoors. They can be rebellious and break free of restrictions. Sagittarius moon people speak their minds and connect with others easily. Emotional freedom brings fulfillment. Travel, exploring, and feeling the wind in their hair make them feel good. Spending time with others who are upbeat and positive helps them feel settled. Sagittarius moon people are open-minded and accepting of other people's different beliefs. Learning new things, reading, and seeing new places brings emotional fulfillment.

Air Sign Moons
The air sign moons, Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini, all handle emotional difficulties by analyzing things and mentally picking apart their emotions. They are excellent at communicating and giving others advice but find it challenging to get in touch with their own inner feelings. Air sign moons are detached from emotions. They are more comfortable thinking about things and have to make extra effort to get in touch with their inner feelings. They prefer using their intellect to solve emotional problems.

Libra moon people are naturally calm, peaceful, and dislike conflict. They crave tranquility and are good at compromise. They tend to focus on what is right and fair emotionally for themselves and others. Relationships are a central focus, and they enjoy having committed love relationships. Emotional fulfillment is felt when they have someone to depend on. Their emotional stability depends on how well their relationships are going. Tension, chaos, and problems make them feel uneasy. Libra moons experience fulfillment when they balance their interests, personal life, and work life.

Aquarius moon people are naturally detached, intelligent, and non-traditional. Emotions can overwhelm them, and they prefer intellectual pursuits versus uncomfortable displays of emotion. Surrounding themselves around unique, eccentric, and creative people brings fulfillment. Expressing their opinions and being a part of groups and networking with friends helps them get in touch with their feelings. Aquarius moon emotions can be unpredictable. They like to feel free and be able to make their own decisions. When they can balance thoughts and emotions, they will find greater emotional fulfillment.

Gemini moons are expressive, communicative, and friendly. They need movement and to be able to experience independence at all times. Autonomy in relationships is critical, or they can cut ties and move on quickly. Emotionally restless, they find fulfillment when they find people who share similar interests and who can keep up with them mentally. Boredom drains their energy. Communication is key to their emotional fulfillment. Gemini moons like to flirt, joke around, and make people laugh. Social networking, travel, exploration, and outdoor adventure bring fulfillment.

Earth Sign Moons
The earth sign moons, Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus, are stable, practical, and committed signs. Emotional fulfillment comes through working hard, reaching goals, and creating emotional stability. Change can be challenging, and they seek to control their emotions. Repressing what they feel is common. Having a stable routine and plan helps them feel comfortable to express their emotions. They dislike being vulnerable and might hide their true feelings from others. Dependable, reliable and solid, their grounded energy attracts others.

Virgo moons are analytical, smart, and service-oriented. They like to help others and make a difference in people's lives. Many are drawn to professions like social work, nursing, education, and nutrition. Learning to embrace their own flaws helps them overcome a critical nature. Virgo moon people find emotional fulfillment when they feel valued, needed, and listened to. Talking to others who help them work through emotional problems brings fulfillment. Learning self-care and realizing that no one is perfect will help them find emotional balance.

Capricorn moon people are serious, responsible, and hard-working. They can find it difficult to relax or take time off work. Always working towards their goals, success and recognition create emotional fulfillment. Learning to manage stress and expressing what they think and feel helps them find balance. It is important that they avoid repressing feelings and pushing people away. They need to work hard to embrace their own emotions. They can see feelings as unstable and impractical. Super committed, they are loyal and will work hard to take care of people they care about. Balancing home life, taking breaks, and not having to always be productive are things they need to master. Once they let go, release their need to control things, and trust others they find greater fulfillment.

Taurus moons are stubborn, comfort-loving, and calm. Naturally patient, they are emotionally strong because they take things slow. They steadily work towards what they want and trust their own inner voice. Experiencing financial stability along with peace and harmony with others brings fulfillment. Nostalgic, holding on to the past, and being unable to forgive others can lead to emotional struggles. Releasing emotions in healthy ways help them find greater security. Being in nature is fulfilling and encourages Taurus moons to relax. Taking more risks and listening to others will help them connect emotionally with those they care about.

Water Sign Moons
The water sign moons, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, are deep, mystical, and empathic. They connect to energies around them and feel the emotions of others. When they develop greater boundaries to protect their fragile energy, they find fulfillment. Time alone in solitude, self-exploration, and expressing love can help them find balance. Expressing creativity, listening to music, and physical touch help them connect with their emotions. Listening to their gut instincts and intuition will help them find answers to life's problems.

Pisces moons are spiritual, psychic, and compassionate. Being creative and expressing their emotions through making art, music, writing, or helping others brings fulfillment. They need to connect to a higher power and follow a spiritual path. Deep emotional experiences and painful life lessons encourage them seek their true purpose. Helping others who are in need is emotionally fulfilling. Dreaming, reading, meditating, yoga, and time for reflection are ways they can unplug and balance emotions. Withdrawing from the world and escaping from stress help Pisces moons feel peaceful. Quiet time and spending time alone both bring emotional fulfillment. Pisces moons enjoy being in love, and romance, passion, and tenderness are important to them.

Cancer moon people are nurturing, protective, and intuitive. Natural homebodies, they feel most comfortable inside their home. Emotional fulfillment comes through mothering, having children, taking care of the sick, and helping people in some way. Cooking, cleaning, and taking care of practical things for their family brings fulfillment. Connected to their roots, especially the mother, Cancer moons feel responsible for the well-being of their parents. Emotionally sensitive, they need to surround themselves around positive, happy, and kind people. Allowing others to listen, support, and comfort them will bring fulfillment. Overprotective, they hover around those they care about. Overcoming emotional worries will help them feel better. Talking things through with a loyal friend can be helpful.

Scorpio moons are secretive, intense, and perceptive people. Transforming their emotions and embracing change makes them resilient. Intimidating, their presence can make others feel uncomfortable. There is a subtle but intense emotional nature that seeps out when they are around others. They see through fakeness and zone in on the truth. Secrets fascinate them and they can feel when someone is hiding something from them. Emotionally, they are strong and confident. Scorpio moons have to learn how to trust others and be more vulnerable. Drawn to things that are hidden, such as death and sexuality, they have a way of tapping into the hidden emotions of others. Forgiving others and healing unpleasant experiences will bring greater emotional fulfillment.

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Carmen Turner-Schott, MSW, LISW, (St Louis, MO) is a practicing clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and astrologer with national and international clientele. She has worked as an astrologer and with survivors of trauma ...

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